Sleeping Giant Pipe

Sleeping Giant Pipe

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The 'Sleeping Giant' pipe is modelled after Thunder Bay's iconic Sleeping Giant; a mountain ridge seen from the water front of Thunder Bay, nestled along the North  shore of Lake Superior.


Made from earth and easy to clean, ceramic smokeware can offer you an easy and flavourful smoke, free from impurities. Being the oldest smokeware in the world, ceramics has stood the test of time, and being more robust than glass, if you look after your piece, you will have it forever. No more metallic taste, no more replacing screens or tricky to clean contraptions. This is the smoke of the past, the present and the future.


This pipe comes well packaged with a care card and complementary cleaning brush.

Pipe dimensions:

  1. Approx. 13cm (5 inches) long and 10cm (4 inches) at its widest and stands 8cm (3 inches) tall.
  2. Approx. weight 300g (10oz).

Each pipe is hand made and unique, therefore there will be slight variances in measurements. This is all the more reason why your bubbler will be unique to you. 

Some of the benefits:

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Easy to clean

  • More durable than glass

  • Only food safe glazes used

  • No screen needed


Our Guarantee

Here at Northern Heights Co. we guarantee that all of our products are hand made in Canada with the highest quality. An enormous amount of time and care goes into each individual pipe to ensure unique, quality items. 

Why choose us?

Completely Handmade

We make every part of our pieces, no imported or manufactured parts, From down stem to bowl, your piece is handmade from the highest quality ceramic, and has the potential to last forever.

Aesthetics Are Important!

After every use, your piece will look brand new, We aim to create functional artworks that will enhance your space and smoking experience. Aside from lasting forever, you can display your piece with pride.

We do custom

Not quite what you're after? We do custom!

Unify your senses

Elevate every occasion with this warm, earthy pipe mug. With the benefit of regular cleaning (as you would any mug) this piece will always be fresh and ready to uplift your day.

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Sleeping Giant Pipe, Pipe Mug

Both products are unbelievable would definitely reccomend to friend! Very satisfied

Great product ! Great value !

Love it

Sleeping giant pipe

Have not used this product as I do not smoke and it’s a Christmas present! Seems like great quality!